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Who hasn't dreamed of being a real rock star in a band...

With "rock-your-team" this dream can come true right now! And you don't need any previous musical knowledge. Yes, even if you never held an electric guitar in your hands, you will be able to do it with our help. Under the expert and rousing guidance of several internationally established professional musicians, your employees will learn how to use the most important standard instruments in a rock band (electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums). 
Each participant practices a very simple part without major technical requirements. But as a whole, it just sounds really cool! Then we let it rip and practice a simple rock arrangement with different parts (intro, theme, ending). The song will be digitally recorded and edited as a souvenir. The event lasts about 80 minutes and can be performed purely instrumentally or with vocals (choir) (6-200 participants).
We are mobile and can hold the event anywhere in Switzerland.

eam power, success and lots of music fun!"

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