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Who hasn't dreamed of playing in a band as a veritable music star?
With "rock-your-team" this dream can come true right now. And you don't need any previous musical knowledge. Yes, even if you've never held an electric guitar in your hands, you'll be able to do it with ease with our help. Under the expert and inspiring guidance of one or several internationally established professional musicians, your employees will learn how to use the most important standard instruments in a rock band (electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums). Each participant practices a very simple part, without any major technical requirements. But as a whole it sounds really great! We then practice a well-known musical arrangement with different parts (intro, theme, end). As a souvenir, the piece will be digitally recorded and edited (audio). The event lasts around 80 minutes and can be organised with groups of 6 to 200 participants in Switzerland and abroad.

Why with us?
Rock-Your-Team can have a lasting impact on the mood and sense of togetherness in your team. Making music together, listening to each other, celebrating successes together and having fun together are just some of the things that have a positive effect on the team spirit and productivity of your employees.
Who is the event suitable for?
For small, medium and large companies.
For teams of 6 to 200 people
Do I need any previous musical knowledge?
No, we also work successfully with people without any previous musical knowledge.
Where does the event take place?
We come to the customer and can hold the event throughout Switzerland and abroad.
Apart from the appropriate room size and a few tables/chairs (as agreed), no special requirements need to be met. We bring all the equipment and instruments and set them up for your event.
How long does the event last?
In about 80 minutes we will practice a piece of music with your team and record it as a souvenir (audio).
Our setup work before the event takes about 2-3 hours.


Company song - Would you like a tailor-made company song or an individually adapted text?
Promo jingle -   Do you need a new jingle for your advertising?
Event film - Would you like to capture the event on film and need a professional crew?
Live band - Do you need a professional party band or a jazz duo for your event?

We are your contact for all these questions and have the necessary network.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made offer without obligation.

Rock-Your-Team, your guarantee for surprise, team power, success and fun!


experience your team as a live-band

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